Africa is the World’s Fertility Capital - Where Women Can Give Birth to Up to 7 Children

Africa is the world’s fertility capital, according to the World Population Review.

Pregnant woman
Pregnant woman

The 2019 fertility rate report shows African countries on top with Niger holding the number one spot.

The research found that a woman in this West African country is capable of having 7.153 children. The country has reportedly held the number one position for about five years.

Somalia comes second at 6.123 children per woman, followed by the Democratic Republic of Congo, Mali and Chad at 5.963, 5.922 and 5.797 children per woman, respectively.

Of the 200 countries profiled on the list, the first nine nations are from Africa.  Nigeria holds the ninth position at 5.417 children per woman.

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Timor Leste comes in at number ten. The Southeast Asian island nation has a fertility rate of 5.337 children per woman.


African countries go on to dominate the top 30 list. Tunisia has the lowest fertility rate on the continent at 2.147 children per woman.

Despite having the highest fertility rate in the world, Africa is not the most populated continent in the world.

This title goes to Asia which has over 4 billion people. That is four times the size of the population in Africa.

Here are the 20 countries with the highest fertility rate in the world:

  1. Niger - 7.153 children per woman
  2. Somalia - 6.123 children per woman
  3. Dr Congo - 5.963 children per woman
  4. Mali - 5.922 children per woman
  5. Chad - 5.797 children per woman
  6. Angola - 5.589 children per woman
  7. Burundi - 5.577 children per woman
  8. Uganda - 5.456 children per woman
  9. Nigeria - 5.417 children per woman
  10. Timor Leste - 5.337 children per woman
  11. Gambia - 5.318 children per woman
  12. Burkina Faso - 5.231 children per woman
  13. Mozambique - 5.143 children per woman
  14. Tanzania - 4.924 children per woman
  15. Zambia - 4.901 children per woman
  16. Benin - 4.867 children per woman
  17. Ivory Coast - 4.811 children per woman
  18. Central African Republic - 4.754 children per woman
  19. Guinea - 4.738 children per woman
  20. South Sudan - 4.736 children per woman

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