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“Africa is the continent of the future” – Manuel Valls!

After Chad and Niger in 2014, Mali and Burkina Faso in 2015 and his recent visit to Senegal in September , Manuel Valls returned to Africa with the program’s visit three countries: Togo, Ghana and Ivory coast, between 28 and 31 October 2016. At the end of his visit, the Prime Minister stated that “Africa [was] the future of Europe. and these three days have continued forging home this conviction, Africa is the continent of the future and is already the continent of the present. “

An African Erasmus

For Manuel Valls, the visit is “a friendship and trust message to Africa that wants to develop economically and democracy.” He emphasized the role of France to help “Africa, because Europe needs Africa which is a horizon, for it is here that we will meet the great challenges of tomorrow: migration, terrorist threats, ecological transition, fight against climate change, development, education … “

For the prime minister, to succeed cooperation, “the grand design for France and for Africa is mobility, is the exchange, the mobility of artists, students, entrepreneurs, creators young shoots of start-ups.

And to advocate for “a great ambitions program between Europe and Africa on the Erasmus model. This device has many exchanges between European students and between European countries and today must be extended for apprentices […]. I want a euro-African Erasmus, “he said, praising” the magnificent success that transformed European youth by allowing young people of Europe to meet, to discover, to see the world differently. “

“Togo is changing”

27 years after the arrival of Michel Rocard end 1989, the last official visit by a French prime minister in Togo, Manuel Valls landed in Lome, capital of Togo, to begin his three-day tour in West Africa.

The visit of the French Prime Minister in Togo is in the context of strengthening the political, economic and cultural cooperation. “Why I came from and why the French Government has been present for several months? Because, thanks to the commitment of President Faure Gnassimbe, his Prime Minister, his government, Togo is changing, by appeasement, dialogue. Because it is a society that is tolerant, “said Manuel Valls.
French Prime Minister welcomed the social project that Togo is currently undertaking. “We can see through the development, school, landfill, advocacy, support for women, Togo has a project which is development, “he said. Thus, Manuel Valls inaugurated the new buildings of the kindergarten and primary school French school Lomé. He also visited St. Andrew Center Adétikopé which helps young girls in distress and fight against violence against women.

First stone of a new waste treatment center

In Lome, Manuel Valls has laid the foundation stone of the new landfill of municipal waste, the existing landfill Agoè-Nyivé has already reached its maximum capacity. The urgency to Lomé was to have a new final disposal site of waste for a city of nearly 1.4 million people, or over 50% of the urban population of Togo. This project is funded by the AFD as part of the France of the development policy by the European Union and the West African Development Bank, which also contribute to its construction.

Ghana: an alliance of the twenty-first century between Europe and Africa

Second step of the African tour of Manuel Valls, Ghana, speaking country. The Ghanaian step is to show that France does not forget Anglophone Africa in its defense strategy of economic and diplomatic positions on the continent. He was received by President John Mahama with whom he had several conversations.

Manuel Valls pleaded, during his visit to an “alliance of the century” between Europe and Africa to position itself vis-à-vis new competitors, emerging countries like China. “France has sometimes declined in recent years the face of emerging countries that have decided to invest in Africa,” said the Prime Minister.

In 2015, the European Union is the leading provider of Ghana with 31.2% of imports. Next came China (22.8%) and India (6.1%). For the Prime Minister, “France has thus faces an enormous responsibility. Offer to Europe, Africa offer an alliance of twenty-first century It is our responsibility, we French, build partnerships that make the strength of our economies and our democracies “because” if we do not respond to this call, unless we are picking this look, so she will go elsewhere. “


Slavery remember and build

Since Accra, the Prime Minister signed a podium at Le Monde, entitled “You can not fix slavery but we can prepare for the future” in which he honors the “memory of slavery [which] is in the heart consciousness of Africa. She lives in places where people can gather, “he wrote.Places of memory as the Franklin House Accra, a former slave house where Prime went to honor the memory of those who were victims of this “crime against humanity”.

The Prime Minister called for resilience and for a Looking to the future: “to overcome his past, not forget,” he said, “to overcome its past, it is also turn with enthusiasm to the future It is not so much live in the idea of compensation. – to quote the great poet from Martinique, a descendant of slaves, Aimé Césaire, slavery is “irreparable” – that look to tomorrow is to say, strengthening ties between our two continents, “argues Manuel Valls which promotes the idea of a” euro-African trade system on the model “Erasmus”, rather than of “repairs” claimed by some activists. “

It is under the sign of this “African continent of the future” bearer of the promise of his youth that Manuel Valls also traveled to meet the pupils of the French school of Accra.
The Prime Minister, on behalf of France, also paid tribute to the memory of Kwame Nkrumah, the father of the independence of Ghana. He laid a wreath at the monument commemorates her and was gathered to his mausoleum. He also visited the museum dedicated to him.

“LA France and Ivory Coast have so much in common”

Third and final step of the African tour of Prime Minister of Côte d’Ivoire, where Manuel Valls arrived for two-day visit on 30 and 31 October.During his stay, he was received in audience by President Alassane Ouattara. He had a working meeting with his counterpart Daniel Kablan Duncan, marked by the signing of the Convention of Justice component of the debt reduction agreement and Development (C2D).

The head of the French government visited the chocolate factory of French group Cémoi. He proceeded to the inauguration of the potable water pumping station Songon financed by AFD and the French Institute of Côte d’Ivoire.

Upon his arrival in early afternoon, the Prime Minister first visited the French forces at the 43rd BIMA Port-Bouet with whom he shared lunch. Military authorities submitted the activities of the operational base and made a point of the situation. After that, the Prime Minister visited the residence of France where a reception was organized in honor of the French community.

Brown gold Côte d’Ivoire

The next day, October 31, the Prime Minister went to the chocolate factory, opened in 2015 in the industrial area of Yopougon. The chocolate products manufacturing plant belongs to French group Cémoi implanted in Ivory Coast since 1996 with its cocoa bean processing activities. Ivory Coast is the world’s largest cocoa producer with 35% of world crops and a production of over 1.7 million tonnes in 2014. Cocoa represents 22% of GDP and over 50% of export earnings Côte d’Ivoire.

Manuel Valls, accompanied by his Ivorian counterpart Daniel Kablan Duncan, was treated to a guided tour of all the facilities, from the bonded warehouse beans to chocolate, through the processing plant.

A pumping station financed by AFD

That same day, Manuel Valls and Daniel Kablan Duncan proceeded to the opening of the drinking water treatment station of the village of Adonkoi, in the town of Songon. A book financed by AFD under the Contract Program Debt Reduction and Development (C2d). “Together, French and Ivorians are inaugurating this resort is a magnificent symbol of what France and Ivory Coast can do together. Abidjan will continue to grow, to develop, to grow. and we must meet the needs of the population on the instruction of President of the Republic. it will ensure quality water supply, anticipate the future growth of the city of Abidjan. This is a major challenge for Abidjan “, welcomed Manuel Valls.

He assured Ivory Coast that “France had to be present with you to help you realize this ambition and support you in its implementation and in financing (…) Whenever Coast Ivory needs France, it is our vocation to be there with you. in a true partnership, a win-win partnership. We will continue to support the country. “


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