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“Africa is the China of the Future,” Says Physicist Vincent Rivasseau

Vincent Rivasseau, physicist and co-founder of the AIMS center (institute of mathematics) in Senegal, returns for Sciences et Avenir on his commitment to sciences in Africa.

Three days dedicated to Brain Africa : this was the program of the Next Einstein Forum, which was held in Kigali (Rwanda) from 26 to 28 March 2018 and attended by Sciences et Avenir . On the program, presentations by high-level African researchers, the best of their generation. But the French were not very present. Explanations with the French physicist Vincent Rivasseau, specialist in quantum gravity but also president of the Association of Scientific Promotion of Africa (APSA), also co-founder of the AIMS center dedicated to the mathematical sciences in Senegal.


French researchers commit to Africa
So how can we feed this link and allow these young researchers, if they wish, to return to conduct their research in the country? “With APSA, we regularly bring together African researchers at IHP. We are also organizing innovative competitions: this year’s is dedicated to sustainable development in Ethiopia. We also want to set up a scholarship program. “Although few French organizations have moved to the Next Einstein Forum, some French researchers were however present, at this edition as well as previous ones. For example, Cédric Villani was present at the previous edition in 2016 in Senegal. He also gives mathematics lessons at the AIMS center in Kigali, created in Rwanda in 2016.


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