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Africa: Here are the African Tourist Sites You Absolutely Must Visit as a Foreigner

It is not easy to define sites of attraction on the African continent because it is full of many exceptional places.

In both history and wealth, Africa has a diversity in its heritage. This continent that has a lot to tell since its existence is the pride of the world. For all the lovers of discoveries, adventures, contemporary stories etc …, the writer strives to find you a set of places to discover absolutely if you are passing one of his four mornings in a country African.

NB: The list is not exhaustive

1- The city of Parakou (Benin)

Parakou, cosmopolitan city located 500 km from the North of Benin abounds with many tourist sites which will interest you for sure. In this city is the history of the first president of Dahomey (Benin) in his day, the statues of the great fighters in the colonial era, the international market of the sub-region and a wildlife park that houses species in the process of disappearance.


2- South Africa

The first economic power of Africa will give you absolute satisfaction in terms of discovery. The country has at least ten tourist sites that will make you dream. These nature reserves, botanical gardens, its cape region are among places to discover absolutely.

3- Morocco

Fans of discoveries? you will find for your account. Ranked first African country for investment, Morocco has a lot to offer. If you go there for sightseeing, you will not be disappointed. The city of Marrakech alone offers 50% of leisure in the country.

4- Senegal

In Senegal you have at least 18 sites to explore. There are among others the house of slaves, the monument of the renaissance, the island of Goree …

5- Guinea

Guinea is a country in West Africa bordered by the Atlantic Ocean. You will discover many islands, mountains and rivers.


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