Africa Has Not Been Shown Accurately, This is it’s Real Size, Astonishing!

The real size of Africa

What made me think about the real size of Africa

I must confess, from what I read in the geography books and  the media, I never really knew Africa’s true size.

A  scene in the West Wing, An American serial political drama television series, alludes to the fact that the world map as presented in our books might be fictitious. My question is then,  Have we been mislead about what the real accurate size of Africa is? or is it just a coincidence or oversight from publishers?

We will show Africa as you have never seen it before. A clever comparison shows Africa is really bigger than usually illustrated in diagrams. The comparison shows Africa is as  big as China, India, the United States and most of Europe put together.

The graphic shows that :


  •  Africa is as big as 13 nations and Eastern Europe
  • The continent is more than 30m sq km, but this is not reflected in standard Mercator maps
  • Biggest nation in terms of landmass is Russia, at more than 17m sq ft


Africa and the world as it appears in Maps

A quick look at the diagram will not give you sense that Africa might be as big as it really is. Comparing Africa, to the 13 nations and Eastern Europe  from standard Mercator maps does not tie up. Try it it yourself.

how africa is normally illustrated on maps


The graphic below shows Africa is bigger than the land masses of the US, China, India, Mexico, Peru, France, Spain, Papua New Guinea, Sweden, Japan, Germany, Norway, Italy, New Zealand, the UK, Nepal, Bangladesh and Greece put together. The picture is proving the point of the real size of Africa by showing how many other countries fit inside it.

This is what Africa looks like with major countries inside it.


African map new

The distortion proportion of the real size of Africa

If your eyes are not as good as mine, this is what the Mercator map projections seem to illustrate as seen in the image below.

the real size of africa compared to other coutries and continents

 So how did this really happen? I have searched the internet and don’t have an answer yet.

Image via Upworthy



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