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Only In Africa!! Governorship Aspirant Flies Helicopter To Commission ‘A Local Wooden Bridge’ (Photos)

A gubernatorial candidate has chosen to campaign in the most unfathomable of way after he arrived in a chopper to launch a local wooden bridge in his constituency.

Epharim Maina arrives in a chopper to launch a wooden scaffold in Nyeri. Showy Kenyan legislator, Engineer Ephraim Maina, has been termed online as the latest victim of public shaming after he commissioned a local wooden bridge back in his home constituency, Kabaru Ward, Nyeri County.

In photos making rounds online, the aspirant for the Nyeri gubernatorial seat was said to have arrived in a chopper (he was among the first people to own a chopper in Nyeri County) and then headed to launch the wooden bridge.


He even reportedly demonstrated how strong the bridge was by having several vehicles including a lorry pass over it as a crowd cheered him, some even with vuvuzelas! The ridiculous act of the politician was laughed by online users who thought that as an engineer, the man should have known better than to build wooden bridge which will rot within time! Some said he could have spared the money used in fuelling the chopper for use in building a more sensible bridge.


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