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Africa: Dozens Of Local Languages ​​Threatened With Extinction!!

The linguistic heritage of Africa in danger. UNESCO has listed dozens of endangered local languages ​​on the continent.

At the head of this sad ranking is Sudan. The third largest country in Africa is likely to see no less than 65 idioms disappear.

Cameroon, which has about 200 languages, may lose 36. Nigeria, as well as Chad, each have 28 languages ​​at risk. As for Ethiopia, it also ranks at the top of the table with 28 endangered languages.


For Unesco, globalization has gone hand in hand with the expansion of English and French, inherited from colonization, which also serve as national languages ​​in most African countries. It is also the spread of transnational languages ​​such as Swahili which slowed the emergence of local languages.

However, shades the organization, globalization can have its good side. Indeed, with social networks and new technologies, language learning can be easier.

Some countries, such as Côte d’Ivoire, are already planning to integrate some of their local languages ​​into waste to give them a new impulse.

Source: Africanews


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