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AFRICA: Discover The New Salaries Of African Presidents


Do you have any idea of ​​the salaries of the African presidents? Compared to ministers and directors of society in most African countries, it is very difficult to get an idea of ​​the salary of a President of the Republic in Africa.

Thanks to technology, access to information is no longer so difficult. And the Pan-African newspaper Jeune Afrique in a large investigation, punctured the abscess. Who is best paid? The most advantageous? The best loti? Jeune Afrique gives answers with its interactive map. Even some so-called opaque countries, the salary of their leaders, is known. This is the case, for example, with countries such as Sudan, The Gambia and Eritrea.

According to Jeune Afrique, officially, the current president of South Africa is the highest-paid leader. The remuneration of President Jacob Zuma is around 19,765 euros. And among the presidents, it is Paul Biya of Cameroon who perceives what to qualify as the “smallest” salary. He is paid 200 euros, (there is no mistake, it’s 200 euros per month), for his term as president.

Compared to the leaders of countries like the United States of America, where US President Barack Obama received a monthly salary of 24,264 euros per month. His French counterpart, François Hollande, receives € 13,764 per month. The Russian, Vladimir Putin, 7,460 euros.

Before the coup in Mali, the Malian head of state received 5,335 euros per month, and was entitled to 4,000 euros of flat monthly allowance. Joseph Kabila of the DRC wins 4000 euros. Excluding allowances, bonuses and other personal expenses. Uhuru Kenyatta-Head of State of Kenya earns 9,756 euros per month. According to, the Angolan president receives € 3,617 per month.

As for Muhammadu Buhari from Nigeria, his spokesman reveals that he receives 2,600 euros a month. The president of Guinea, Alpha Conde, receives 1,696 euros, according to Jeune Afrique. Alassane Ouattara, for its part is paid at 7,300 euros, the month. Ellen Johnson Sirleaf, has a salary of 5 470 euros. And Macky Sall, is paid 1,145 euros according to the Ace.

Robert Mugabe of Zimbabwe, without the allowances that are not disclosed, revolves around 1,284 euros. Ali Bongo, touches him 4,573 euros a month.

“According to our findings, the vast majority of African leaders are paid between 2,500 and 8,000 euros per month. To these figures are added of course various monthly allowances and many advantages related to the function, which according to the countries, are more or less secret, “informs our source.

Some countries of the Sahelian band (Mauritania, Niger, Chad …) are also illustrated by their opacity. ”

And the newspaper said: “Our survey, based on the sources of the editorial staff of Jeune Afrique but also on local news articles, does not pretend to be exhaustive. It will be updated regularly according to the reactions that this card will not fail to elicit ”

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