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AFRICA: Discover the 5 Most Powerful Passports in the Continent; Namibia now 5th

To have a passport is good; but having a powerful passport is even better. That’s why Henley & Partners has published its annual report on the “most powerful” passports in the world. On the list, Japan comes first in the world, and Africa, brace yourselves, it is the Seychelles, which top the list with the world-class 24 th.

What is a powerful passport?

The passport of a country is even more powerful if it allows to travel in several countries without visas. On May 22, Henley & Partner has made public during the 13 th edition of the Henley passport index charts in 2018.

To do this, the firm processed data from the International Air Transport Association, which groups the entire airlines, with 280 companies. This represents no less than 83% of global air traffic. During the study, it was verified whether the 199 passports taken for the study allow to go to 227 different destinations without a visa.

Every year, data and rankings change, depending on the visa policies of each country.

How is the ranking done?

In order to rank, Henley & Partner awarded 1 point each time a passport allows its holder to travel to a country or territory without a visa. The score is also awarded if the person can obtain a visa on arrival. In case a visa is required for the destination, the score is zero. At the end of the study, the score becomes the number of countries for which no visa is required.

This is how Japan finished at the top with a score of 189 countries. It comes just ahead of Germany, with 188, France, South Korea and Italy with 187. On the African continent, the Seychelles win the palm with 151 countries. Mauritius, South Africa, Botswana and Namibia are next.

Ranking of African passports
Rank  Country Country of access
1 seychelles 141
2nd Mauritius 134
3rd South Africa 100
4th botswana 78
5th Namibia 75
6th swaziland 70
7th Kenya 69
7th Lesotho 69
7th Malawi 69
10th Gambia 68
11th Tanzania 68
12th Tunisia 66
13th Zambia 65
14th Uganda 64
15th Green cap 63
16th Ghana 62
17th Benign 61
17th Morocco 61
17th Zimbabwe 61
20th Burkina Faso 58
21st Sao Tomé and Pr. 58
22 Mauritania 57
22 mozambique 57
24th Ivory Coast 56
25th Senegal 56
25th Togo 56
27th Guinea 54
27th Mali 54
27th Niger 54
30th Chad 52
30th Comoros 52
30th Gabon 52
30th Madagascar 52
30th Rwanda 52
35th Guinea-Bissau 51
36th Central 49
37th angola 48
37th Egypt 48
39th Algeria 47
40th Equatorial Guinea 47
40th Liberia 47
42nd Cameroon 46
42nd Congo 46
42nd Nigeria 46
45th Burundi 45
46th Djibouti 45
47th DRC 43
48th Sudan 40
49th Ethiopia 39
49th South Sudan 39
51 Eritrea 37
52nd Libya 36
53rd Somalia 32



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