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Africa Buys Drugs “30 Times More Expensive” Than Europe – New Study Shows

In a BBC program, the director of health policy at the Center for Global Development and co-author of a study on drug supply confided.

According to Ms. Kalipso Chalkidou, African countries pay 30 times more expensive drugs compared to the rest of the other continents.

The African continent is by far the best example for buying and selling medicines.

Taking the example of this essential product, the expert said that in countries such as Zambia, Senegal and Tunisia, paracetamol is sold 30 times more expensive than in the United States.


“This is very problematic, I believe that low- and middle-income countries have little ability to negotiate lower prices and to ensure the quality of medicines,” said Ms. Chalkidou,

According to a study it is currently conducting, this phenomenon is due to the absence of competitors on the African market, excessive taxes, corruption and the poor quality of medicines.

What is the strength of the European countries today is their policy of managing public funds and strong supply chains.


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