AFRICA & BRIBERY!! See The Face Of The Zimbabwean Cop Who Tries To Swallow Bribe Money When Caught!!


A top ZRP officer responsible for the Mbare police headquarters was prosecuted for requesting a $120 reward cash from a transport administrator.

Chief Inspector Violet Sigauke had attempted to swallow the pay off cash when she was gotten.

She had allegedly made a call to the Mama Ru suburbanite omnibus organization’s chief, Kudzai Mapako, disclosing to him that with a specific end goal to have his transports move openly in the course she was overseeing, he needed to give her $120 at regular intervals.

Mapako had offered Sigauke $40, but she had complained that the money was not enough. On February 8, she called Mapako demanding $60 and Mapako stated that he was out of town, but would send someone to give her the money at Mbare police station.

Mapako then notified the General Police Headquarters (GPHQ), and a trap was set in order to catch Violet Sigauke in the act.

A bus conductor of one of Mapako’s buses was given the bills (after its serial numbers were written down). He proceeded to the Mbare police station with the $60 in denominations of 10s and 20s.


Unbeknownst to officer Sigauke, a trap was being set for her. After the conductor left the office, the intelligence officers who were stationed at the Mbare police station proceeded to Sigauke’s office to conduct a search.

According to the account relayed in court, Sigauke took out the money from her top drawer and placed it in her mouth, trying to swallow the bribe. After a lot of struggling and a bitten thumb, the money was eventually removed from Sigauke’s mouth.

She was charged with criminal abuse of office and was remanded in custody on a $100 bail till February 27.

Violet Sigauke maintains that she was sexually harassed by the detectives who arrested her. She added that she was still reeling in trauma due to their advances in the ways they searched her.

Police corruption and bribery are widespread in Africa; a continent regarded as having the most corrupt countries in the world.


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