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Africa!! African Mansa Musa Is The Richest Man Of All Time With A Fortune Estimated At 400 Billion Dollars! (+Video FR)

Mansa Musa or Kankou Moussa is the tenth “mansa” (king of kings) of the Mali Empire from 1312 to 1332 or 1337.

At his accession to the throne, the empire of Mali consists of territories that belonged to the empire of Ghana and Melle (Mali) and the surrounding areas. Moussa carries many titles, Emir of Melle, Lord of Wangara mines, or conqueror Ghanata of Fouta and at least a dozen other regions.


He wears the Mali Empire at its peak, the Fouta in Agadez and on the lands of the ancient empire of Ghana. He established diplomatic relations with Portugal, Morocco, Tunisia and Egypt. His reign is the golden age of the Malian empire.


He is considered one of the richest men in history, if not the richest, his fortune is estimated at the equivalent of $ 400 billion or 310 billion today. Musa I of Mali means “Moussa, son of Kankou hamidou” in reference to his mother, Mandingo were at that time a matriarchal society, other variations of the name are Kankou Moussa and Kankan Moussa.

He is mostly referred to as Mansa Musa in European historical texts and literature. Other variants of the name such as Mali-koy Kankan Moussa, Gonga Moussa and the “Lion of Mali” exist. […] Read more

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