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AFRICA: A New Series On Immigration!


As of Wednesday, discover a project that speaks of migration in all its aspects, broadcast on the radio, but also on the Internet and social networks. Public debates are also planned in Africa.

You will hear of Africans who want to leave, others who have already joined Europe but also men and women who hesitated before deciding to stay and participate in the development of their continent. Dirke Köpp, the managing editor, gives more details:

“It is a multimedia project, so we’ll do stories for TV, radio and also for internet. And of course for social media. There will be little videos to social media. And we want to discuss course with our listeners, so we will make public debates, for example in Bamako and Dakar. and then we will go to Agadez in Niger, the hub for all those who want to go to Europe. But also in Libya and the various cities in Europe, especially in Germany. ” News reports and testimonies


In this new series of Deutsche Welle, thus you can hear stories, interviews, portraits and testimonials. Like a migrant rescued in the Mediterranean:


“They told us that. If you enter international waters they will pick you up and stuff. Or if you go to Italy. You can go to Italy.”

But also passer confession:


“The police, the National Guard takes money with migrants. The Customs also there, they take the money.”

Or opinions of Africans in the Diaspora, talking to kids:


“It is also known that Europe is in crisis right now, and there is unemployment. And it’s not easy for these young people to have a better future there.” Discussions on social networks

We are also interested to legal immigration channels, but also the initiatives on the African continent, so that young people can find a job in their country.


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