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Africa: 5 Lodges of Indescribable Comfort Every Tourist Visiting Africa Should Consider

The beauty of Africa resides among other things in its parks and reserves. Whether you are tourists or not, want to go to the discovery of Africa? You need a space to spend your holidays …

Here are five spaces that thinks you need to visit

Singita Serengeti House

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Located near the Serengeti Park, the second largest reserve in Africa, it is a property composed of beautiful wooden houses that can accommodate 8 people. Visitors can enjoy an excursion to the adjacent park. Singita Serengeti House is in Tanzania.

Mosetlha Bush Camp

This bush camp welcomes visitors for a stay in the Madikwe Nature Park, South Africa. In this camp, everything is done in the old fashioned way. No electricity or internet, lighting is done with the kerosene lamp and hot water is obtained with firewood. The place is relaxing.

Saruni Mara

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Off the Masai Mara National Reserve in southwestern Kenya, Saruni Mara offers small houses of impressive luxury in the heart of the savannah. Once on the spot, you will coexist with the Masai people during your stay. You can visit the Masai Mara Reserve, which is considered one of the most important animal concentrations in the world.

Budongo Ecolodge

Located within Uganda’s Bugondo Forest, this lodge is built in this forest of nearly 20 species of primates, including the impressive mountain gorillas, which are threatened with extinction in many parts of Africa. In small wooden houses, visitors will be able to admire these primates with the help of local guides.

Elephant Ecolodge Safari

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During your tour, you will discover camps in Botswana and Zimbabwe where you can spend pleasant holidays. In addition to this you will have the opportunity to admire the elephants and the falls of Lake Victoria.


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