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Afghanistan: Never-seen Images Of The Damage Caused By The US’ “Mother Of All Bombs”!! (VIDEO)

An Afghan media filmed the ravages of the most powerful US weapons (atomic weapons aside), which was dropped on 13 April. There is hardly anything left, the mountain itself having been partly destroyed.

The first images shot in the Nangarhar region in eastern Afghanistan, where the “Mother of All Bombs” (MOAB) was dropped on April 13 by the US military on Daesh’s positions, Were distributed by the Afghan media TOLO News and the American channel Fox News.

Within the range of the bomb, the devastation is total. The buildings are nothing but ruins, the vehicles have been totally carbonized. There is no longer an ounce of life in a hectometer round, the trees are burnt, and pieces of bodies are strewn on the ground, with an assault rifle melted at their side.


“The tunnels were completely destroyed, the weapons of the terrorists decimated, and there are about 20 bodies,” said Karim Amini, a journalist from TOLO News, at Fox News. “Dozens of houses have also been destroyed, and even parts of the mountain have been destroyed,” he said.

On 15 April, the Afghan authorities took over more than 90 jihadists of the Islamic State group killed by the American mega-bomb, recognizing that this figure was only an estimate and was not based on the count of bodies . They further assured that no civil loss was to be deplored.

Daesh has challenged Daesh, who has issued a statement via its agency Amaq News, denying that the American strike has caused him any loss.

Source: RT France


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