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Adedayo Sanni: The Nigerian IT Expert Making History With Financial Solution App

A Nigerian Information Technology expert, Adedayo Sanni, is on his way to the Guinness Book of Records after his latest invention, Automated Finger Payment Machine [AFPM], received worldwide commendation.

The Thumb and PIN Financial Solution which is set to be launched in Nigeria was invented by the Atlanta, USA-based Sanni who was one of Nigeria’s biggest names in the entertainment industry in the United Kingdom before he diversified fully into the IT industry after relocating to the US some years ago.

According to Sanni who is full of pride in his latest invention, the AFPM is a payment device which uses a fingerprint scanner that makes payment for transactions seamless and very easy.

Sanni further narrated that the device has an ATM keypad with fingerprint scanner that brings about speed in all transactions as it integrates the fingerprint scanner into an ATM machine, stores an individual’s fingerprint and links it to their bank account, thereby helping to access the account and linking of accounts for transactions.

“The Thumb and PIN innovation is simply to make daily financial transactions easy and much secured, preventing credit or debit card theft or identity theft as account details will be encrypted in personal prints of account holders.

Fingerprint Data Solutions is partnering with IT experts in order to develop a seamless hardware and software that will further encourage smooth transactions for account holders anywhere in the world.

Adedayo Sanni and his partners (Michael Soyebo)

Our firm is on the verge of collaborating with necessary stakeholders in the Nigerian financial sector to bring succor through their services to the nooks and cranny of the country.”, the official website for the frontline IT firm, Finger-print Data Solution with its headquarters in Atlanta, Georgia, in the United States of America, was launched some years ago but started the creative development plan on the special programme in 2015.

Continuing, Sanni said:

“Fingerprint Data Solution is one of the first black-owned company in the world to have manufactured a forward-thinking idea which explores opportunities in the financial sector future.

I want to bring easy transaction solutions to Nigerians and anyone can reach me at @afpm_ceo as I am very open to all.

The banking made-easy idea is to totally eradicate the lofty process experience in the daily financial transaction of people around the globe.”

According to those who know him, Sanni remains one of the best Nigerian born, Inventor and database administrator in the World’s innovative IT sector.


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