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Actress Pamela Anderson Reveals Everything About Her Relationship With Marseille’s Adil Rami

A few days ago, Pamela Anderson, the former star of the hit movie Alerte à Malibu, decided to confide in the Daily Mail about her new love life with Marseille player Adil Rami.

We remember that the two lovebirds met last spring on a space of Formula 1 in Monaco. And since then, they have become inseparable to the point where Pamela Anderson decided to leave California to settle in Marseille alongside her darling.

Despite the language barrier and their age difference (18 years), the couple seems to live the great love. And that’s what our colleagues in the Daily Mail recently reported in one of their publications. According to our source, Pamela Anderson revealed this attitude of Adil Rami which he particularly likes:

“He is not with me to get noticed and vice versa .  He cares deeply about me. We have a wonderful life, healthy and simple, without stress or glitter. We each have our children  (two sons on both sides, Ed) . He is incredible. He’s a good guy, really! He is loyal. I did not expect everything that happens to me …  It’s always like that, is not it? “.
The former resident of California adds, “I do not wear sweatpants to the delight of Rami . He says that I’m not 50 … He asks me for my driving license, what’s my secret … “   

Despite these moments of great love, we wonder if this relationship will fizzle. “I warned him,”  I’m going to collapse one day, you know it,  “   she said. Referring to their sexuality, Pamela said that it is not excluded to act before meetings:

“This rule does not apply to us .  His English is not very good, neither is my French, but we have body language, the language of love, another level of communication, deeper than words. We have something special … ” 


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