Actor Tyrese Reportedly Under Investigation Over Child Abuse Claims

According to information gathered from TMZ, Tyrese Gibson is being investigated by the L.A. County Department of Children and Family Services. The issue came about when his ex-wife and the mother of his child accused him of spanking his 10-year-old daughter so hard she was left unable to sit down.

Tyrese reportedly under investigation over child abuse claims entertainment 1x1.trans

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Norma Gibson is now in a court battle with Tyrese with Norma trying to get a permanent restraining order that would stop him from physically disciplining their daughter. She is also asking for full physical and legal custody because she is worried that Tyrese will take their child to Dubai where he has business ties. Her fear is that he would take her and not come back.

Norma is also requesting that Tyrese take domestic violence courses.

According to the mother, Tyrese “beat” their daughter somewhere between 12-16 times. He claims he struck her once on the bottom and now Norma’s lawyer says that DCFS is now investigating the claim.

DCFS’ investigation does not mean Tyrese is guilty of the action, in fact, it’s not uncommon for DCFS to investigate as a precautionary measure.


Tyrese says that Norma is just bitter that he got remarried and is now trying to get back at him.

Shocking many, Tyrese’s attorney said, “She’s a lying piece of s***. Tyrese is devastated. He’s a good guy and I will prove that.”


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