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Actor Terry Crews Reveals How Black Women Supported Him After Sexual Assault Experience

Actor Terry Crews is interviewed on Cheddar, on the floor of the New York Stock Exchange, Tuesday, April 10, 2018. (AP Photo/Richard Drew)

Actor Terry Crews in 2017, during the height of the #MeToo movement, shared a story of sexual assault he experienced.

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He’d been groped in his privates, he shared, by a Hollywood executive.

The actor finally filed a lawsuit that was settled out of court, and the perpetrator who was revealed to be Adam Venit wrote him an apology letter.

Asked whose support shocked him the most while speaking on “Watch What Happens Live with Andy Cohen,” Crews revealed it was the support of black women.

No one gave him support in the beginning, he shared.

To be honest with you, when it first happened, there was none [no support] for a long time.

The people who surprised me the most were black women.

Black men, on the other hand, “did not want any part of it,” Crews said. They said things like, “Man, you weak. You sorry. You should have hit him. You should’ve knocked him out. You should have did all this stuff,” but it was black women who said “No, no, it doesn’t work like that.”

Watch him share the story:

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