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Actor Idris Elba Obtains Sierra Leonean Citizenship

The only son of a car factory worker from Sierra Leone and a mother from Ghana, Idriss Elba received a Sierra Leonean diplomatic passport this Friday, December 20.

Idris Elba is now a Sierra Leonean citizen. He arrived Wednesday evening in Freetown with his wife since 2019, Sabrina Dhowre.

Idris Elba obtains Sierra Leonean citizenship

“On behalf of this country, I have the privilege of officially welcoming you as a brother and giving you this diplomatic passport,” said the president.

The British actor who acquired citizenship of Sierra Leone, his father’s homeland, said it was the greatest honor he could receive from his country.

” It is a great emotion and a great honor for me to become a citizen of my father’s country, it is a great honor for our family, ” said the star during a presidency ceremony, speaking in a mixture of standard English and krio, local Creole.


“I am no stranger in Africa, I have been in Africa, I have made films in Africa, I have defended Africa, but Sierra Leone is a very different feeling because it is the my parents’ house. “

Idris Elba obtains Sierra Leonean citizenship

Idris Elba is expected to travel to Sherbro Island, known for its parasidic beaches, and spend Christmas with President Julius Maada Bio, an unnamed official told AFP.

The actor, producer and musician told the BBC that the Sierra Leonean passport would allow him to “go home like a son of the earth.” “

Idris Elba arrived in his ancestral homeland for the very first time last Wednesday. According to several sources, he plans to invest in the rich tourism sector.

He is the second star to want to invest in this West African country. Last year, the American musician and entrepreneur of Senegalese origin, Akon, was in Sierra Leone and announced investment plans.

Tourism remains a pillar in most African economies and contributes significantly to the national stock market.


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