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According to This Declassified Information: Hitler Was Still Alive And Living In Argentina In The 1950s

Adolf Hitler was still alive and living in Argentina a decade after he allegedly ended his life, we learn from the declassified documents of the CIA.

Information  declassified  CIA revealed that in 1955, ten of the date of the death of Adolf Hitler, an informant met the Führer in Colombia and provided photos taken with him. According to the same information, the head of the Western Hemisphere Division of the CIA (Western Hemisphere Division, WHD) received a  secret report that year  confirming that Hitler was still alive and living in Argentina.

More precisely, one of the informants of this department, CIMELODY, had been contacted by a reliable friend, former soldier SS Phillip Citroën, who had told him to be in contact with  Hitler . The latter lived under the pseudonym Adolph Schuttlemayer. Citroen had told CIMELODY that they met every month in Colombia, when the former SS was staying there.

In addition, the ex-soldier had given him a picture taken with the führer and a blurred picture is actually in the folder.


According to CIMELODY, Hitler had left Colombia for Argentina around January 1955. Ten years had already elapsed since the end of the war and the allies could no longer prosecute him as a war criminal.

It was also stated that neither CIMELODY nor the CIA office had been able to give a reliable assessment of the information provided and that it had been transmitted as a “likely to arouse interest” message.

“At the time when he was working for a Colombian railway company, Phillip Citroën told a former member of the bureau that he met an individual who looked very much like Adolf Hitler and claimed to be. Citroen said he met him at the Residencias Coloniales in Tunja, Colombia. According to the source, it was an overcrowded city of former Nazis idolizing this so-called Adolf Hitler and addressing him by “der Fuhrer”, greeting him in the Nazi style, “the report said.

The next day, the head of the office went to the WHD to find out if she wanted to go further. A week later, the WHD responded in an ambivalent manner and then archived the case.


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