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According To The World Bank, The War Cost The Syrian Economy Over $226 Billion!!

A World Bank report estimates the cumulative economic loss generated by the war in Syria since 2011 to be $ 226 billion (about 200 billion euros). A balance that increases as the war continues.

Beyond a catastrophic human record, which has so far totaled about 320,000 deaths and half of the displaced population, the war in Syria, which has lasted six years, destroys the country economically and socially. In a report released on July 10, 2017, the World Bank (WB) attempts to draw up an economic assessment of this situation, estimating 226 billion dollars (about 200 billion euros) in cumulative losses, four times the GDP of Syria in 2010.

According to the World Bank, the war cost the Syrian economy $ 226 billion© Omar Sanadiki Source: Reuters
Alep Street devastated in January 2017

According to the report, 27% of the housing stock and about half of the medical and education centers have either been damaged or completely destroyed. The World Bank also estimates that 538,000 jobs have disappeared annually between 2010 and 2015. More than three out of four Syrian workers (about nine million people) do not work, or are not enrolled in school or in a center Training.


A deficit in education and in activity that is worsening as the war continues and which adds to the material destruction that Syria will have to take after the war. The report estimates that GDP could recover in four years 41% of its pre-conflict level, should the war end this year.

“The collapse of systems that organize society and the economy, as well as trust between people, has had a greater economic impact than the physical destruction of infrastructure,” the WB report said.


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