According to the White House, Trump is “Open” to a New Meeting With Putin

Despite the outcry in the media and in the US political class meeting with Vladimir Putin in Helsinki, Donald Trump continues to send signals for a rapprochement between the two men. But small touches.

One step back, two steps forward. Will the American president meet his Russian counterpart? The suspense continues. “Donald Trump is open to a visit to Moscow as long as he receives a formal invitation,” the White House announced on July 27. Sarah Sanders, spokesman for the US president added that, reciprocally, Donald Trump expected to receive Vladimir Putin in the United States in 2019.

That same day, on the occasion of the summit of the Brics in Johannesburg, Vladimir Putin said he was “ready” to meet Donald Trump, but under certain conditions. The Russian leader has expressed the hope that a more peaceful climate will be established in the United States with regard to Russia.


Such a meeting remains uncertain, however, especially because of the investigation of the prosecutor Robert Mueller on the alleged interference of Moscow in the US presidential election of 2016. On July 19, the US president had asked his security advisor John Bolton,  to invite Vladimir Putin to Washington in the fall of 2018  according to White House spokesman Sarah Sanders. However, six days later Washington was to backpedal and announce that the next meeting between the two heads of state could not possibly not take place before 2019.

The first bilateral meeting between the two leaders on July 16 in Helsinki sparked an uproar in the media  and part of the  American political class . 


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