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According to Survey by ROAM: ‘Most Africans are not qualified for the jobs they are applying for’ 

The vast majority of Africans are not qualified for the jobs they are applying for. This is the result of a study conducted by Ringier One Africa Media Group (ROAM). The report reveals, however, that this situation is mainly due to misunderstanding.

According to the report released by Ringier One Africa Media (ROAM), 90% of African jobseekers are not qualified to do the jobs for which they are applying.

A “job shortage, desperation or gaps in the labor market” underpinned the study, writes ecofin agency. But the investigators realized at the end of their research that this situation was mainly the fact of misunderstanding.


”  Our initial hypothesis was that it was due to a lack of jobs, gaps in the job market and desperation. However, by going deeper into our database, our analysis revealed that many candidates were actually qualified for other available jobs, but they did not necessarily apply,  “said Matthew Page, head of at ROAM, in remarks reported by Ecofin.

”  Hiring the right skill right from the start is typically about 3 times more productive in terms of employer productivity,  ” says Matthew Page. But the reality is different. And the process of detecting suitors who really have the skills to do the job is long and difficult.

Indeed, an offer of employment records an average of 140 to 160 applicants.

The study suggests giving workers the tools they need to better assess their skills in relation to the job they are applying for.


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