According To Reports, These African Countries Have The Largest White Population

Africa has a long history of harboring Europeans, Asians and even South Americans.
A good number of this population comprises descendants of colonists who came over from Europe and settled for economic reasons.

Prior to, and after the era of colonialism in Africa, these white Africans have with time been entrenched in the continent.

Business Insider SSA takes a look at some of the African countries with the highest white population:

8. Kenya: 67,000 (0.2%)
Kenya’s present white population consists of descendants of the white settlers who initially came to Kenya.

7. Mozambique: 82,600 (2%)
The current white population are descendants of the original Portuguese settlers given that Mozambique is a former colony of Portugal.

6. Morocco : 100,000 (0.3%)
The 0.3% of white Moroccans are descendants of the thousands of French, Spanish and European Christians who came to settle in the country during the colonial rule.

5. Tunisia: 100,000 (1%)
France colonized Tunisia in 1881. French nationals immigrated to Tunisia and the Italians kept coming, together they make up Tunisia’s white population.

4. Madagascar: 120,000 (0.57%)
The 0.6% of white population in Morocco are largely of French heritage. This community is descended from French settlers who arrived in Madagascar during the 19th century.

3. Namibia: 194,000 (8%)
Namibia is among the top three African countries with the largest white population. It was preferred by the white settlers due to its fertile agricultural land and natural resources.

2. Angola: 351,000 (1.2%)

The Portuguese make up a significant portion of the white population in Angola, which is a former colony of Portugal.

1. South Africa: 4,993, 000 (8.7%)
In 1652, the first Dutch ship landed on the shores of the Cape of Good Hope. The The Dutchmen aboard cleared the land for the cultivation and built settlements.

French Huguenots later increased the white population. These early settlers are the ancestors of the Afrikaans that now make up 8.7% of South Africa’s population.


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