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According to New Passport Index Ranking; Here Are Africa’s Most Powerful Passports For 2017


2017 Passport Index ranks world nations on the basis of the number countries where their citizens can go without requiring a visa in advance or on arrival. The power makes travel cheaper and easier than it is for citizens of many other countries.

Seychelles has the most powerful passport in Africa with 130 countries allowing its citizens to travel visa free with the passport. It however ranks as 23rd in the world wide rank that has German as the country with the most powerful passport with at least 158 countries opening its doors visa free for the European nation.



Mauritius comes in second with 122 visa free destinations, Followed by South Africa with 93, Botswana with 72, Lesotho has free entry to 70 countries, in that order making the top five countries in Africa with the most powerful passport.

The next five include Swaziland with 68 countries that allow its passport holders visa free travel, tying up with Malawi and Kenya that have the same number of countries that its passport holders can travel visa free.Namibia passport holders can travel to 67 countries visa free while Gambia and Tanzaniatie with 65 countries opening their countries visa free.

The five least powerful passports in Africa include Ethiopia tying with Eritrea with a list of 39 countries that it can go to visa free. Libya follows with entry to 37 countries, Sudan 36 and Somalia with the least, with 33 countries.

Global financial firm Arton Capital gathered data from 193 countries to generate this year’s Passport Index and reveal the world’s most powerful and least powerful passport.


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