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According to Forbes: These Are The Biggest Fortunes Of French-speaking Sub-Saharan Africa!!

The magazine “Forbes Africa” published its annual list of the biggest fortunes of francophone sub-Saharan Africa. A part of the continent often absent from such classifications. The richest thirty weigh $ 10.56 billion.

Cameroonians, Ivorians, Malagasy, Congolese occupy the first ten places among the 30 richest people in francophone Africa. The rich in the region are present in telecoms, real estate, hotels, banking, media, agribusiness and oil.

For the first time, a woman appears in the list compiled by the Forbes Africa magazine. It is Kate Fotso, widow of André Fotso, the former president of the Cameroonian employers. She is the head of Telcar Cocoa, the Cameroonian leader in the export of cocoa beans in partnership with the giant Cargill, and takes the 20th place with a fortune estimated at 252 million dollars.

An uneven match


However, the large fortunes of Francophone Africa are far behind the very large Nigerian, Egyptian or South African heritages. Cameroon’s Baba Danpullo, owner of the flour mills Le Coq rouge, which leads the ranking for Francophone Africa, holds a fortune of $ 940 million.Compare this with the first African wealth, Nigeria’s Aliko Dangote , with nearly $ 13 billion. Together, the 30 richest in Francophone Africa reach only $ 10.5 billion.

On the second step of the podium, there is then the Belgian industrialist born in the DRC George Forrest, boss of the group of the same name. Cameroon’s Paul Fokam Kammogne took third place with $ 690 million. At the foot of the podium, the Rawj family, who arrived from India in the DRC some fifty years ago. The Franco-Malagasy businessman Ylias Akbaraly , boss Sipromad group, closes the top 5.

The Billon family in Côte d’Ivoire, Samuel Foyou in Cameroon, Ivorian Jean Kacou Diagou, Cameroonian Colin Mukete and Luc-Gérard Nyafe in the DRC complete the top 10.

Source: RFI Africa


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