According to Donald Trump, Here is “the Worst Mistake” in the History of the United States

According to Donald Trump, the US intervention in the Middle East is “the worst fault” in the history of the United States. According to him, it is George W. Bush who is responsible for it.

George W. Bush’s decision to launch operations in the Middle East is the biggest US fault, Trump said in an interview with Hill.TV.

” The worst mistake in the history of our country is the intervention in the Middle East by President [George W.] Bush, ” he said, indicating that the withdrawal of the US military at the time of Barak Obama was another fault.


Donald Trump also says that the intervention cost $ 7 trillion in the United States, as well as “millions of lives”.

However, it should be noted that different estimates exist for US spending on Middle East operations. According to researchers at Brown University in the US, wars in Iraq and Afghanistan, as well as military actions related to Pakistan and Syria, cost $ 5.6 trillion.

For its part, the Pentagon spent only $ 1.520 billion between 2001 and 2018 on operations in Iraq, Afghanistan and Syria.


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