According To World Bank Data, Meet The 25 Countries With The Highest Income Earnings

The riches and well being of a populace are essential on the grounds that the financial state of any individual is noticeably constrained by the monies accessible to them by and by . Further, more joyful, more advantageous individuals constitute more joyful, more beneficial family units, groups, and nations, which regularly prompts more prominent work capacities

These countries do as much as possible to put the happiness of their citizens first, hence their prosperous economy.


As indicated by the Data World Bank, Norway, with its GNI per capita of 103 thousand USD, has the biggest GNI per capita in the world. Norway has a prosperous economy, very much created in both state and private divisions. Further, the nation is rich in normal assets and the administration controls many key ranges of the common assets economy, for example, the oil area. Despite the fact that the nation selected to not join the European Union, regardless it keep up great exchange relations with its neighbors as an individual from the European Economic Area.


Qatar, according to the Data World Bank, is the second country with largest GNI per capita, of 92 thousand US dollars. Qatar is a wealthy country, characterized by strong petroleum and natural gas sectors, and increasingly significant manufacturing and financial services sectors. The economic policies of the country are focused on making the country’s natural gas reserves as sustainable as possible while also increasing domestic and overseas investments in non-energy sectors. The country is among the top ranks in the world in terms of having one of the lowest rates of unemployment.



Rank Country Gross National Income per capita (US Dollars)
1 Norway $103,630
2 Qatar $92,200
3 Macau $76,270
4 Luxembourg $75,990
5 Australia $64,540
6 Sweden $61,610
7 Denmark $61,310
8 United States $55,200
9 Singapore $55,150
10 Netherlands $51,890
11 Canada $51,630
12 Austria $49,670
13 Kuwait $49,300
14 Finland $48,420
15 Germany $47,640
16 Belgium $47,260
17 Ireland $46,550
18 United Arab Emirates $44,600
19 United Kingdom $43,430
20 France $42,960
21 Japan $42,000
22 Hong Kong $40,320
23 Israel $35,320
24 Italy $34,270
25 Spain $29,440

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