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According to Crash Analysts; Here’s the Safest Seat in a Plane

Airplane accidents are rare and unfortunately the risk of survival is minimal. However, some people wonder what is the safest place when such a tragedy happened to happen. Although the answer may depend on the cause of the tragedy, crash analysts have unveiled the seats that would be safer.

“All incidents or crashes are unique”

According to a spokesman for the US Federal Aviation Administration, Alison Duquette, “all incidents or crashes are unique.” Indeed, Mrs. Duquette said that the shock can occur while the aircraft nose, a landing in the water or a collision on the track. According to her, “there is no safe seat” because everything depends on the type of shock.

In the columns of HuffPost, a spokesman for the US National Transportation Safety Council (NTSB) said he had never addressed the issue of the safest places.

In-depth studies on the issue

In the United States, renowned media have been interested on the subject. In 2007, Popular Mechanics analyzed NTSB data on commercial aircraft accidents since 1971 in that country. The study focused on survivor aircraft crashes with detailed seating charts available.

They concluded that passengers near the tail of an aircraft were 40% more likely to survive, compared to those who sat in the front seat.

In addition, the seats at the rear of the aircraft would have a survival rate of 69%, those in economy class, and only 15% of passengers lodged before have a 49% chance of survival.

isometric airplane and inside details – illustration
Other analysis, same result

In 2015, another analysis was conducted by Time researchers. They looked at 35 years of data delivered by the FAA. Of 17 aircraft accidents, they concluded that 68% of those in the rear were more likely to get by, while for those sitting in the middle, this figure is 61% and 62% for the front seats.

isometric airplane and inside details – illustration

Thus, the safest seats are those at the rear of the aircraft, although the safety instructions of the aircraft personnel should also be respected.


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