According to Actor Steven Seagal, Putin is a Champion of the Fight Against Terrorism and “A big fan of Israel”

According to Steven Seagal, Putin is a champion of the fight against terrorism and "a big fan of Israel" © ALEXEY DRUZHININ / RIA NOVOSTI Source: AFP
Steven Seagal meets Vladimir Putin in September 2015

Interviewed by the English version of the news channel i24news on November 30, actor Steven Seagal renewed his political friendship with Vladimir Putin . For him, the Russian president “is really trying his best to eliminate a large number of terrorist groups.” At the Israeli private channel, the star of the martial arts cinema also stressed that the master of the Kremlin was, according to him, “a big fan of Israel”. And to add, in support of his reasoning: “We think [Vladimir Putin and me] that Israel is one of the most important countries in the balance of power […] We must really preserve the balance of powers […] otherwise we are in trouble. ”


If Russia has good relations with Israel, Steven Seagal certainly did not refer to the latest diplomatic games between the various powers on the Syrian conflict. Indeed, Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu has for example declared on November 13th to ignore the ceasefire in Syria  desired by Washington and Moscow.

Steven Seagal, in love with Russia … and Russian citizen

For several years, between breakfasts with Russian Deputy Prime Minister Dmitry Rogozin and visits to Russia, Steven Seagal shows signs of closeness with Vladimir Putin . The latter  officially handed him Russian nationality in November 2016.  “I want to congratulate you and express the hope that it is a small gesture, which may be a sign of a gradual normalization of relations between our two countries, “said Vladimir Putin, handing a Russian passport to the American.

The actor has been expressing for several years in the press his love for Russia and the ties it has with this country. “I would like to spend so many months a year with my Russian friends, with people who love me and who are still waiting for me,” he had recently told reporters.


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