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Would You Be Able To Swim Through London’s Sky In This Jaw Dropping Pool?

When it comes to going on vacation, London may not be first on your list, but you may want to reconsider the Caribbean vacations you have planned when you hear of their newest tourist attraction!

The weather is mostly cold, damp, and rainy…not to mention the food (yuck!), however, along with a great amount of history and architecture to take in, there’s a whole host of attractions you’re gonna want to see, andone in particular will be quite the feat once it’s built.

A developer by the name of the Ballymore Group is in the process of building London’s first “sky pool” which will be 90 feet long, ten feet deep, and ten stories high, suspended in the air between two apartment buildings at the riverside development of Nine Elms in south-west London.

While just looking at the pool may make those who have an intense fear of heights start shakin’ in their boots, rest assured – the pool will be reinforced with 8-inch thick glass walls designed by aquarium engineers.


If you’re still not 100% convinced to take the plunge, the pool will be exclusive to the apartment residents only, and it will also feature a bar, a sun deck, and an orangery (a greenhouse where oranges are grown). All in all, it doesn’t seem like a bad gig for a dope view of the London skyline!

For all these incredible features, expect to pay a hefty £602,000 ($942,572) – so save all that loose change. It sounds like London’s going to be the new place to be this summer!



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