Abkhazians, The Ancient Blacks in Russia

According to the Muurish Abkhazians, or the Abkhazians of African descent themselves, they are the descendants of the Colchians, the inhabitants of the ancient kingdom of Colchis in present-day western Georgia, deep in the Caucasus region.
It appears that they have continued in a quiet unbroken line up to this very day, authenticating the stories told by Herodotus the father of Western History almost 2000 years ago.

But the story of the Black Abkhazians is yet a living story as they are not all dead. They or their descendants still live around Adzyubzha in Abkhazia of today.
It can not be denied is that there are black people, a Muurish people living today in the remote areas of the Russian Caucasus region, whose ancestry go back hundreds of years and of whom the world rarely acknowledges.

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