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Abedi Pele: “Jordan Ayew Is The Most Talented Of My Sons”

Jordan Ayew received praise from his father, Abedi “Pelé” Ayew after he was named the most talented of the Ayew brothers.

Abedi Ayew, who was once captain of the Ghanaian Black Stars, has ranked Jordan as the most talented of his children and adds that this fact is well known in the family between brothers. For Abedi, it is the pace and skill of the Aston Villa that has distinguished him from his brothers, and can lead to great things in the future.

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“André and Jordan are my sons and you need to evaluate them on the basis of the individual qualities of each one. I choose Jordan and André also says that Jordan is the most talented in the family. He has speed, strength, skill and he is very elegant and relaxed on the ball. He has the ingredients to be a top scorer.

Fans of Aston Villa hope to see more of these attributes of Jordan.

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