A Young Man Spends €135,000 To Look Like Late King Of Pop, Michael Jackson

This is a fact that has sparked a huge outcry on social networks. A 28-year-old Michael Jackson fan spent a whopping $ 135,000 on cosmetic surgery to look like the late King of Pop.

According to, it’s been several years since he began with cosmetic surgery operations. The part of his body where he has undergone several operations is his face. The beautician surgeon made important changes to his face. His nose, his lips, his cheeks, his chin, almost nothing was spared. Even the color of the skin has been heavily modified. All this was done for one purpose: to look like his idol, the late King of Pop, Michael Jackson.


According to some relatives of the young man, it is a way for him to live permanently with the image of Michael Jackson in his body. For the young man, they think, it’s a way to bring a more vivid image of Michael Jackson to life. And to be successful in achieving that, the cost is very important. The young man has not been reluctant to pay € 135,000 for the sole purpose of becoming the new living Michael Jackson who can circulate on the street and make other fans forget the sad episode of the disappearance of the King of Pop.

However, many Internet users have not failed to criticize such an initiative severely. They believe that it is wasteful, but in addition, this act brings nothing new to the one who took this initiative.


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