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A video showing the encouragement of a 3-year-old girl to her dad becomes viral

It’s been over a year that a video showing Derrick Culpepper trying to comb her daughter 3 year old was posted on YouTube. This video has suddenly become viral since it was recently rested on Twitter.


In fact, this video shows not only a father dressing his daughter, but also a girl encouraging her father: “Go, dad, do a good job ?!”


“My family encourages me to be the best dad possible, and I never have the opportunity to record these memories on video,” commented the dad under his video posted on YouTube. “I have been a hairdresser all my life and I always find it difficult to comb my daughter’s hair, but she continues to encourage me.”

“Many people tell me that they would have liked their father or husband to do that,” Derrick Culpepper said. “I think people are looking for something positive, especially for African Americans.”


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