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A Team Of Ugandan Female Students Create Vaginal Infection Detection App

Who says African girls are not into technology and the digital industry, well these 3 Ugandan female students have proved a lot of people wrong. The team of 3 ladies at Uganda’s top university, Makerere have created a mobile app that detects vaginal bacteria.

The team appropriately named “Team Code Gurus” have come up with a mobile app, coupled with the a test kit known as a Her Health BVkit, which takes readings from urinal/vaginal samples and transmits data for diagnosis.

The app helps ladies to check  if they have healthy vaginal bacteria or not. It helps to detect harmful vaginal bacteria that cause bacterial vaginosis and other infections.

Ugandan students created app that detects vaginal bacteria

The team’s programmer, Ndagire Esther explains that the team would like to work with NGOs and other health facilities to supply rural women with the kit:


“We plan on marketing our application through NGOs, clinics and pharmacies. We hope the NGOs can help us reach rural areas where women who don’t have the opportunity to test their bacteria will be able to use our application.”

She goes on to explain that the idea is to make the hardware and software to make it easy to use and widely available for women to test themselves every month for harmful bacteria that could indicate infection.

The application could bring hope to a country where health knowledge and accessibility remains a challenge. Despite the declining HIV rates in Uganda, there is still much work to do when it comes to sexual health.


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