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A Simple Idea With The Potential to Transform The Water Transportation Problem in Africa

The water transport challenge

African Women used to this to carry water

water transport in Africa

Imagine a durable, practically indestructible round plastic container that allows anyone (generally women and children) to harvest at least 50 litres of liquid and pull it home without breaking their backs, or necks. This is the Q drum. The fantastic idea that makes it easier to transport liquids. So people can …..

Now push

trasnporting water in africa

and pull

ater pulling transport water


This is what it looks like this inside

Qdrum inside

It might sound like a very simple idea but it has changed the lives of many. The Q drum can be used to fill and roll liquids you might not be able to carry. This idea could be used for farming, aid, natural disasters, even washing clothes.

Fetching water has never been so fun you could do it all day. Check out the video, simple and effective idea.


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