A Russian Fighter Intercepts A U.S. Spy Plane And Forces Him To Turn Around!!

Following the collapse of a Russian Su-30, an American spy plane seen on 9th May over the Black Sea changed its course and moved away from the Russian border.

A Su-30 fighter aircraft from Russian aerospace forces was sent on 9 May to the Black Sea region to intercept an American spy plane approaching Russian territory, the Russian Ministry of Foreign Affairs said on Friday. defense.

“On 9 May, around noon, Moscow time, the airspace control device over international waters detected an air target approaching the Russian border,” it was said Ministry of Defense.

“A su-30 fighter from the South Military District anti-aircraft protection was mobilized to intercept the target,” the ministry said.

The Russian army also explained that after the rapprochement with the Russian Su-30 the American spy plane had changed its course and had returned to its airfield.

“At the time of the secure remote connection, the Russian fighter pilot visually identified the aerial object as a P8A Poseidon spy plane,” the Russian Defense Ministry said.

According to him, the Su-30 carried out a “greeting” maneuver, after which the American plane changed course to get away from the Russian border. The Russian fighter has returned to his parking aerodrome.

This incident follows the combination of Russian and American aircraft off Alaska, which took place last week. Several US Air Force fighters were then mobilized urgently to intercept Tu-95s and Su-35s operating in international airspace.

Credit:  Sputnik France

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