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A Quick Look Into The Scream Room In Egypt Where People Go To Vent Their Frustration!

While it sounds like the title of a Hollywood thriller, the Scream Room is actually a room where visitors basically just scream and yell to vent their frustration.

A bookstore owner has found an odd but satisfying way for troubled Egyptians to deal with stress – the Scream Room.

The Scream Room can be found in a bookstore called Bab Al Donia in Egypt’s capital, Cairo. It is run by Heidi Radwan. The room is dark, small and placed between children’s books. However, readers have no fear of being interrupted because the walls of the Scream Room are made sound-proof.

The idea for the room was gotten from a friend and having conducted research on the potential of screaming to serve as a stress-reliever, it was given a try.

“A friend suggested to me we should turn the soundproof studio in our institution into a scream room in order to allow people to express their stress and frustrations without being seen or heard by anybody else,” said Abdul Rahman Saad, a co-founder of Bab Al Donia, a cafe that also includes a bookstore and music halls.

Saad told Gulf News:

“I liked the idea very much because it is crazy. Is there anyone of us who does not need to scream amid all this pressure of life?”

“All people are stressed whether from their work, school, and even their families. It’s funny that a person can go inside a closed place where he can scream or even dance without bothering about others.”

People who use the room get to scream for 10-minute intervals, and just in case they need to hit a wall or something, there are drums on which visitors of the room can bang out their distress. This service is available both to Egyptians and visitors of different ages and social classes for free.

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