A Peek at World’s Second Largest Continent, Africa and Its Natural Riches

Africa is considered one of the richest continents in terms of natural resources, but all its inhabitants do not seem to make good use of it. This colorful continent has been the subject of many operations but fortunately, many African countries have developed their raw materials and make good use of them.

Football and its nuggets

Football is a sector that has known, and still knows, very great African players who have greatly contributed to the success of their countries. Such players raised the flag of their country high and that is how they were able to give more value to this beautiful continent that is Africa. At the latest news, especially on , many countries once again represent the African continent at international football competitions. With high-level players, we could hope that this sector takes an even greater turn in the near future.

Diamond, gold and platinum

The mining industry is unique to South Africa. This country is rich in copper and offers tourists the Mining Museum located in Nababeep. It was in 1866 that the Eureka diamond (21 carats) was discovered, followed by the star (83.5 carats) in 1869. This country hides in its soil riches that are still waiting to be exploited and it will not be long before thanks to the future generation.

Oil, an ultimate wealth

African countries such as Algeria, Egypt, Libya, Nigeria and Angola are countries with a very rich oil wealth. The continent alone would own more than 7.5% of the world’s oil reserves, which would amount to more than 130.3 million barrels. This is a resource that, if well negotiated, could pay big dividends to Africans for centuries.


The greatest scientists

Many African countries are known for their high enrollment rate and this is understandable when one is interested in African scholars who have contributed to the modernization of the world . We have African scholars such as the Malian Cheick Modibo Diarra who dedicated 17 years of his life to NASA, the Cameroonian Ernest Simo who is behind the installation of the first VSAT in the world, the Senegalese Cheikh AntaDiop considered as the forerunner of Pan-Africanism scientist, the Cameroonian EimoMalonga who is an active member of the French Academy in the surgical field, etc.


The African textile industry

The African textile industry has been growing in importance for many years. Gone are the days when traditional African outfits were worn only by Africans. From now on, this industry has taken a certain size and at the same time boosts the economy of the continent. For example, if we look at the figures for 2012 to 2013, Ethiopia exported an equivalent of $ 99 million worth of textile products, and this figure is growing in other African countries.

Agrifood wealth

The agri-food sector is a real gold mine in Africa. Not only does it employ more than 70% of the poor population, but it also amounts to around $ 313 billion. Africa is a very large continent of agricultural production which then carries out secondary processing and then sells it. Faced with such success, the African continent is likely to see the hopes of its children come true in a very short time.


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