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A Peek at Cameroon’s President Paul Biya Limousine Car Everyone is Talking About

On May 20, 2018, the Cameroonian people celebrated their national holiday. On this occasion, a large military and civil parade was organized and chaired by the President of the Republic Paul Biya. During this ceremony, the Cameroonian president particularly attracted the attention of all those who were on the parade square but also on social networks.

Indeed, the number 1 Cameroon has offered a new limousine known as Range Rover Klassen. An extremely long and expensive car on the planet. It is one of the most luxurious, sophisticated and ultra secure.

President Paul Biya is now far from the caricature of those heads of state who play the card of modesty. He has a taste for luxury and does not hide from it anyway.

The new car of president Biya is equipped with a block V6 3.0 liters of 340 horses, its exhaust is anti sabotage. The tank has been shielded. It has a spare battery. The special 20-inch alloy wheels allow the vehicle to roll, even flat tires. The passenger compartment, has been shielded with 6 pieces of steel, a resistance out of standard.

Its price far exceeds 400,000 euros excluding taxes. Details that have not failed to elicit comments on social networks.


For some Internet users like Ateba, it is well indicated for the head of state to have such a car. Because this is not for him but for the presidency. Jonathan Kamsu does not share this idea when he thinks it is a huge waste.

Other netizens add that instead of privileging spending “staggering” the presidency whose leader advocates the reduction of the lifestyle of the state, should have put an emphasis on infrastructure.


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