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A New Terrifying Study: Paracetamol (Doliprane) Can Kill With Low Fire And Here Is How!!


A migraine is not a deadly disease, and can be relieved in different ways, without necessarily resorting to analgesics in the form of tablets. On the other hand, if you take Doliprane to treat your headaches, it could kill you with a small fire …

Taking paracetamol would increase the risk of cardiovascular disease by 20%, including heart attack and stroke. In addition, scientists have also reported a higher risk of ulcers.

How does paracetamol kill from within?

There are different metabolic pathways that a drug can take when it is broken down by the liver. The main route for paracetamol / acetaminophen is not toxic. But your body can only make a limited amount of metabolizing enzymes at once, but once it is exhausted, the liver will use another pathway. In the case of paracetamol, this secondary route produces a metabolite that is toxic to the liver.

The time it takes to see the effect of this damage, depends mainly on the other substances present in your body. Alcohol for example uses the same route as paracetamol, so if you have been drinking, the enzyme needed to break down paracetamol has already been used to metabolize alcohol. This forces him to use a toxic route.


It should also be noted that people do not metabolize in the same way or at similar rates, all of which will vary from one individual to another. But if you do not die because of the poor assimilation of paracetamol, it is certain that you will damage your liver.

In the rest of this article find out what recent scientific studies have revealed about paracetamol … you will be shocked!

Paracetamol a poison for the kidneys and the heart and here is how it works in your body:

A recent study pointed to the long-term, dangerous side effects of prolonged use of Paracetamol-containing medicines.

People who consume daily large doses of paracetamol, Tylenol 3 tablets of 1000 a day, or 6 Efferalgan 500 for example, for a long time are exposed to more risks, gastrointestinal and kidney, than any other people.

Paracetamol, a deadly poison:

On the basis of eight existing studies, experts have shown an increased mortality rate of up to 63% in patients who repeatedly consume these high doses. As well as increased risk of developing gastrointestinal and renal problems in the case of regular consumption. The risk would be doubled if cumulative use of no more than 500 g of paracetamol per day.



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