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A Month Before A Heart Attack, Your Body Will Always Alert You With These 6 Symptoms

Heart attacks have become the leading cause of death in recent years, and for good reason, in today’s societies, life is becoming more and more important, and  people are increasingly rejecting their doctor’s visits . 
But even if it is difficult to predict,  there are a number of symptoms commonly seen before the attack .

Here are 6 symptoms of a heart attack that should alert you:

1. Sharp pains in the chest

Most often, a heart problem is accompanied by pain in the chest, which appear as peaks for a few minutes. 
If this sensation is recurrent, do not wait to consult a doctor!

2. Dizziness

Unless you are a pregnant woman, feeling dizzy all day is not normal. Indeed, vertigo occurs when the heart, ill, is not able to irrigate all organs optimally, including the brain, which sends distress signals through these vertigo. 
So if you feel dizzy frequently, you need to see a doctor quickly.

3. Fragility

Although getting sick frequently is not necessarily a warning signal in itself, be aware that if it is accompanied by many of the symptoms mentioned in this article, you must be extremely vigilant.


5. Shortness of breath

Becoming weaker and fainting too quickly in so-called “normal” circumstances (regular physical activity, normal BMI, etc.) may be a symptom preceding a heart attack. So stay very attentive to the reactions of your body because, as the saying goes, prevention is better than cure!

4. Fatigue or drowsiness

Fatigue, when it results from a rational cause such as lack of sleep for example, is a phenomenon that can not be more normal. On the other hand, without logical explanation, continuous tiredness can be the result of serious health problems. 
Indeed, they could result from a small amount of blood reaching the heart, especially because of arteries blocked by the formation of plaques. If you suffer from untimely fatigue, do not hesitate to talk to professionals.

6. Abnormal sweating

If you are a person who never sweats excessively, and suddenly, you find yourself drowning in your sweat, needless to say: it is not normal. This may be a sign that your heart, which is struggling to pump blood into clogged arteries, is working harder than usual, resulting in increased body temperature and unusually heavy sweating. Once again, do not hesitate to consult if you have the slightest doubt.

We will conclude this article by saying that our body does not belong to us: it is a deposit, and it is the duty of every believer to take care of it. 
Moreover, even though we know that Allah ‘azzawajel is the only one to know the future, prevention remains a way of caring for his body:  noticing and treating the symptoms mentioned above in a timely manner can help reduce significantly the risk of heart attacks .


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