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“A Military Intervention In Syria Is Inevitable, Assad Must Leave” – Warns President Trump!!

The United States had recently announced that they no longer considered the departure of Bashar al-Assad as a priority. But the presumed chemical attack of April 4, attributed to Damascus by Washington seems to have changed the position of Donald Trump.

At a joint press conference with King Abdullah II of Jordan on April 5 at the White House, Donald Trump described the alleged assault on April 4 in the Idlib region of Syria as “a heinous act And “affront to humanity”.

Condemning “this atrocious chemical attack on innocent people, women, grandchildren and even beautiful little babies,” Donald Trump did not hesitate to attribute it to the “Assad regime.” “A lot of red lines have been crossed,” he said.


He also said that his “attitude towards Assad [had] changed” since the chemical attack on April 4 in Khan Sheikhoun. On March 30, US Ambassador to the UN, Nikki Haley, affirmed that Washington no longer considers the departure of Syrian President Bashar al-Assad as a priority, breaking with requirements maintained for nearly five years under the ” Obama administration.

Donald Trump responded to questions following Nikki Haley’s statements on 5 April at the UN Security Council emergency meeting, which said that if sanctions were not imposed on Syria, the United States Their own “action. “When it comes to military matters, I do not like to say when I go to the act or what I do,” Donald Trump said. “I did not say that I will do anything, in one way or another, but I will certainly not tell the media,” he added.

While many Western countries hold the Syrian regime responsible for the chemical attack that claimed the lives of 70 people, Damascus is putting forward another version of the facts, which is also supported by Russia. According to it, the Syrian aviation targeted a rebel-held warehouse, which was found to contain chemical weapons.

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