“A Message For Putin”? The Press Decrypts The Role Of A British Destroyer HMS In The Black Sea!!

British tabloids enjoyed with particular pleasure the deployment of the destroyer HMS Daring in the Black Sea and rushed to clarify the message he sends and to whom although his role is already known. He participated in joint maneuvers with the Romanian Navy.

As soon as the British destroyer HMS Daring entered the waters of the Black Sea for naval exercises with the Romanian Navy, the press quickly seized this news to present its version of the event. The Daily Mail asks the question: “Do you like it, Vlad? “, Considering it to be a message from the Royal Navy sent to the Russian” backyard “.


The Sun said the Royal Navy “gives favor” to Russia, referring to the passage of Russian aircraft carrier Admiral Kuznetsov from the British coast on his return from the Mediterranean. Thus, by simply returning from its mission accomplished in the framework of the anti-terrorist struggle in Syria, Russia “arched its weapons” and “provoked the United Kingdom”.

Journalists of the Daily Star went even further: “The Royal Navy’s naval vessel was deployed at Putin’s door as a sign of vengeance for the invasion in La Mancha,” headlines the article.

Below this hypothesis is published a video of a shot of the missile Aster from the destroyer HMS Daring, which should “enrage the Kremlin”, are persuaded journalists.

The HMS Daring (D32) is the first ship of the Type 45 class, or Daring class, of air defense destroyers built for the Royal Navy and is a stealth ship.
As a diplomatic source told Sputnik, Russian Black Sea Fleet aircraft and radar surveillance aircraft track the displacement of the destroyer. The joint British-Romanian exercises will last until 27 April.

Source: Daily Mail


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