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A Look Back at Kofi Annan’s Memorable Social Media Presence That Will Always Live With Us

Yesterday, September 13, 2018, Ghana, Africa and the world bid farewell to the 7th United Nations Secretary-General Kofi Annan.

Thanks to social media and his active presence on Twitter, we get the opportunity to remind ourselves of everything he stood for and believed in whiles alive.

Kofi Annan was an advocate for peace, equality and a world free of hate and racism and these tweets help us relive these moments.

Kofi Annan tweeted  about his concern on education

On his concerns about creating opportunities out of the digital age

Celebrated his birthday in grand style…

…and used it as an opportunity to speak on issues that he was concerned about.

Had an interest in the youth…

was all for youth empowerment…

…and continued to remind the youth about their responsibilities.

He was also very keen on the issue of politics.

And he was not afraid to speak his mind.

Was always particular about African elections.

He reconnected with Ghanaians in the diaspora…

…and never forgot his roots.



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