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A List of the Most Popular Superstitions in Africa

Superstition is the irrational belief based on fear or ignorance that lends a supernatural or sacred character to certain phenomena.

In Africa, people believe a lot in these superstitions. AfrikMag offers you the most famous, or the best known in Africa.


It is strongly advised to keep its forecasts and schedules of private trips. Indeed, if a person is aware, the legend says that the trip will unfold.

It is also forbidden to travel with the family on Fridays, otherwise there will be accidents.

It is not recommended to speak in the toilets, on pain of being stung by a djinn (devil in Wolof)

When you offer a perfume or shoe to your spouse, there is a risk of breakage later.

You always have to slap him crazy, at the risk of becoming mad yourself.

Pour pepper or chilli in the house causes quarrels.

When a girl gets married before her eldest, she does not get married anytime soon


We should not wash at night, otherwise a snake comes to lapping the soap on our body

We must not also sweep the night, it disturbs the spirits. When you have to do it, you ask permission by sweeping.

Burkina Faso

Do not step over someone because it can make them sterile.


A woman should not take money or anything from her lover to give to consume to her husband as this can shorten her life.

A pregnant girl out of wedlock must not stay at her parents’ house because it kills the men in the family, starting with the oldest.

We do not go to a mourning court on Saturday to offer our condolences.

Ivory Coast

To see the praying mantis in a house, is synonymous with having a pregnant woman in this house.

When the sun comes out when it’s raining, an elephant gives birth

When your palm itches, it’s sure you’ll have money in the days to come

When the left foot hits a pebble, there will be misfortune, if it is the right foot, you will have good news

When your ear hurts, it’s because we’re talking about you somewhere.


It is strongly inadvisable to kiss a baby on the mouth, otherwise it will drool when he becomes an adult


Women should not eat goat meat at a young age, otherwise they would grow hair on their faces.


The owls are feared by the Egyptians. They are known to carry bad news.

To speak of superstitions is one thing, to confirm each one is another. However, no one can really confirm if these superstitions produce effects when they are broken.


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