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A List Of Five African President’s Children Who Are Involved In Corruption Scandals

For many, being president’s son in Africa was a real misfortune. Indeed, they are many, these children of presidents who today have great trouble with justice. We present you a file on these privileged children of African heads of states who are been hunted down by the justice system.


  • South Africa: Duduzane Zuma

About nine years ago, at the age of 26, Duduzane Zuma joined the board of directors of a company belonging to the Gupta family. This rise coincided with the election of Jacob Zuma at the head of the ANC.

While his father escaped last August’ motion of defiance, it is the turn of Duduzane Zuma to face justice. Indeed, he is accused of corruption by the civil society of racketeering, extortion and fraud on the basis of his ties with the Gupta family. This Indian family would have, through the son of Jacob Zuma obtained several public contracts.

So Duduzane lives in Dubai without worrying about South African justice.


  • Equatorial Guinea: Teodorin Obiang

He is the eldest son of Teodoro Obiang Nguéma. He is splashed by one of the most resounding scandals called “ill-gotten goods”. Indeed, the charges against Teodorin are: money laundering, abuse of social assets, embezzlement of public funds, breach of trust and corruption.

Teodorin Obiang has built up a very large heritage in France with luxury cars, art objects and a building in one of the most exclusive areas of Paris. Presumably, his personal fortune amounts to 107 million euros. The purpose of the trial is to determine the source of its enrichment. The verdict is expected on 27 October.


  • Congo-Brazzaville: Julienne Sassou-Nguesso

Another daughter of president at the heart of the scandal of “ill-gotten goods”. Julienne Sassou-Nguesso, the daughter of the current Congolese leader Denis Sassou-Nguesso, and her husband were placed under investigation at the end of June 2017. Justice is wondering about the acquisition by the couple in 2006 of a hotel in Neuilly Sur Seine via a real estate company (SCI). In addition to this acquisition, there are significant works worth more than 5 million euros.



  • Senegal: Karim Wade

In March 2015, Karim Wade was sentenced to six years’ imprisonment and a fine of 210 million euros by a special court (CREI). He was accused of illegally acquiring a patrimony estimated at 178 million euros when he was with his father. He was pardoned in June 2016 by the current president Macky Sall after three years of detention in Dakar. Released, he currently lives in Qatar.


  • Central African Republic: Jean-Francis Bozizé

His father was driven out of power by the Seéléka rebellion in 2013. Since then, Jean-Francis has been the subject of an international arrest warrant. Delivered by the Central African justice system, this mandate is aimed at “torture, misappropriation of public funds, complicity in assassination and association of criminals”.

He had settled in France until his return to Central African territory in August 2017. He was soon placed under judicial control. It is still in the Central African Republic.


  • Egypt: Gamal and Alaa Mubarak

Gamal and Alaa Mubarak, the sons of Hosni Mubarak were accused of having diverted with their father 10 million euros for the maintenance of the presidential palaces. All three were then sentenced by the Court of Appeal to three years’ imprisonment. Then they had to pay a fine of 125 million Egyptian pounds.

Later, Hosni’s two sons were released. The court’s argument was that the time they spent behind bars in pre-trial detention since the 2011 revolt covered their sentences.


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