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A List Of 5 Foods From China Everyone Should Never Consume – Report

China is often the headline when it comes to food scandals: deadly melamine in baby products, honey harmful, toxic toys …  The opportunity to remember how to control what we put in our plates but especially those of our children .

For example in the USA, you should know that the FDA (Food and Drug Administration)  controls only 2.3% of all food imports , so it is up to consumers to push the research to preserve health and make the right choices . This example is valid for all European countries even if the controls are a little more advanced in France.

Here are the top 5 products imported from China that you should avoid:

1) Tilapia

This fish comes 80M from China, it is often put forward in supermarkets because very popular. It is well known in China that fish farmers move their children away from the products they grow in the sea because they use powerful antibiotics and growth hormones to keep the fish alive in an environment that is devoid of space and hygiene.

2) Cod

Although the proportions are less important than in the case of tilapia, it is estimated that 50% of the cod market comes from China. This is true for tilapia farming, but also for cod.

3) The apple juice

Cheap apple juice with a sour taste and low fruit, are likely to come from China because you have to travel a great distance to lose as much in quality. The country is the world’s largest producer of pesticides and the residues on its fruits and vegetables far exceed the maximum rates set in Europe.

4) Treated Mushrooms

34% of canned mushrooms come from China and suffer the same fate as the apples mentioned above.

5) Garlic

The most difficult in the case of garlic is that it integrates in many ways a large number of processed products. About 31% of the garlic comes from China and although you can read the label “organic product”, nothing guarantees the veracity of this information that is never controlled there.

Overwhelming reports

According to the South China Morning Post, ”  no less than 70% of Chinese rivers and lakes are polluted by industrial facilities such as chemical and textile factories  “.

The Americans living in Beijing are in constant communication with their embassy, ​​which provides them with information on the quality of the air to encourage them to go out or not.

Many reports of air, water and soil pollution exceed all expectations.  

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